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Parish Council:

Documents required to meet the Parish Council’s obligations within Smaller
Authorities Transparency Code: 

Audit 2022-2023
Stainborough Notice Dates of Public Rights 2023
SPC Certificate of Exemption 2022-23 
Stainborough PC Accounting Statement 2022-23
SPC Section 1 Annual Governance 2022-23
SPC Bank Reconciliation 2022-23
Stainborough PC Variances 2022-23
Stainborough PC Internal Audit Report 2022-23

Audit 2021/2022

Certificate of Exemption (SPC) 2021-2022
Internal Audit (SPC) 2021-2022
Section 1 – Annual Governance statement (SPC) 2021-2022
Section 2 – Accounting Statements (SPC) 2021-2022
Analysis of Variance (SPC) 2021-2022
Bank Reconciliation (SPC) year ending March 2022
Dates of Public Rights (SPC)

Other Documents and Policies: